Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just like Charlotte

I've been too busy to blog ... where have we heard that before?
But, the truth is we're all on information overload and struggling with the time it takes to digest it all.
Last week I attended a fascinating half-day seminar offered by a media consultant on the tools available to get more of your information out there. I learned about an Utterli Delicious array of tools that could help me Tweet and Googlemap my way through cyperspace -- but by the end of the afternoon, I was reminded that I had a paper to get out (that DAILY lament again ...) and so was detoured on the web map.
The notion of endless web-building through the universe and becoming "of the web" not on it is wonderful and exciting. But exploring takes time.
And, I have a daily paper to get out.
I made a vow to myself though to get with the program. So watch for me in Twitterspace sometime soon.
I promise.


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